Catch Up Post 3

9/2- I finished reading Take Off Your Glasses and See by Jacob Liberman today.  I think it’s my favorite natural vision improvement book, but I’m glad I did not read it first.  Here are the things I learned form the book:

  • (+) I now practice the habits B, O, B- breathe, open focus, blink- instead of S, B, B.
  • (+) I believe Open Focus is the closest way of natural seeing (because of its emphasis on unconscious, relaxed movements) as compared to sketching or shifting.  However, all three have the same goal.
  • (+) I just breathe deeply (chest and abdomen at the same time) instead of abdominally (abdomen first, chest follows) as it feels the most natural.
  • (+) I liked his connection between the peripheral and night vision with feelings.
  • (+) I will practice the open learning exercises with the arrow chart to relearn how to think effortlessly/ more efficiently.
  • (-) I’m not sure about his ideas of auras and an energy net connecting all people.
  • (+/-) This book is more readable than Relearning to See because it is written to be so and not as a text book.  However, I agree overall with more ideas from the latter book.

9/4- I did 50 long swings/sways with open/closed eyes.  Then, I did palming for a few minutes while focusing on deep breathing.  When I opened my eyes, I was able to read about half of the letters correctly on the 20/60 line.  This was while standing at my spot (3′ 3 3/4″) close to the chart.  Overall, the world seems to be consistently a little clearer than before.  I now see as well through my reduced Rx glasses as I did through my full Rx glasses.  I assume that this means there has been a positive change in my refractive state (more emmetropic).  Anyway, I plan on ordering a new pair of reduced Rx glasses next week; one for the distance (20/40) and one for close work (20/80).

My understanding:

  • visual acuity = how clearly one’s mind interprets the light received on the retinas; measured with a Snellen chart (subjective)
  • refractive state = this is related to the physical dimensions of one’s eyes and how light refracts in them as compared to an emmetropic eye; measured with the required strength of lenses, focometer, etc. (objective)

9/5- After palming and focusing on my breathing, I saw about half of the letters on the 20/60 line while blinking.  I think this supports Liberman’s belief that everyone’s sight is clear the instant we open our eyes, as our eyes are not yet making any effort to see.  However, this instant is very brief in people with unclear eyesight and is followed immediately by the normal blurry vision.  Also, as stated in the “Seeing the Flash” section with the above point, the point of good vision habits and activities/meditations is to extend this clear flash until it is permanent.  Whenever I palm for a few minutes (less than 5 min.) this flash is noticeable as I open my eyes after each blink.  After extended palming (greater than 5 min.) this clear sight lasts through the blinks and gradually becomes less clear over a few seconds.  Based on these results, the latter practice probably benefits my eyes more in the long run.

9/24- I received my new set of glasses today. Here are the numbers:

Distance pair:

Rxd 9/24

Close work pair:

Rxc 9/24

I can see about 20/35 on the chart with the distance glasses and about 20/90 with the close work ones.  This is pretty close to my estimates for 20/40 and 20/80, so I’m happy with the resulting strengths.  I hope this new set will further allow my eyesight to improve.  Also, one thing I can notice with the distance pair is my eyes focusing when I look at distant objects.  With my previous pair, this change in focus was not as discernible.


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