Catch Up Post 4

10/5- My close work pair of glasses does not hurt my eyes when I wear them now as compared to when I first got them.  Also, a few days after I received them, the frames on my distance pair broke (the left arm fell off 😦 ), so I put those lenses into the frame from the -4.75 glasses.  My daily habits are now mostly B, O, B, taking off my glasses when I don’t need them, and a short session of swinging and/or palming before bed with a new 20 ft. Snellen chart I printed out.  I now do these activities from 10 ft.; I don’t see changes from relaxation as easily at this distance, but I like that I am using a more distant vision.  It seems (and I’ve read) that the Snellen eye chart was intended to be used as a distance tool.  Anyway, I can’t usually make out the 200 line at first, but it becomes clear with the activities.  I want to see what my visual acuity is in sunlight, so I might do that this week.

10/12- Last Friday I looked at my eye chart outside with sunlight from 20 ft.  I swinged and palmed for some minutes (and did a little bit of sunning) and was able to consistently read the 20/60 line with flashes of the 20/50 line! 🙂  This is a vast improvement over my indoor visual acuity where after palming and swinging tonight I could see 10/70.  One thing I noticed last week is that I could see/make certain details clearer in the distance.  As I have noticed before, it is usually texture I see best, but, as an example, I could make a uniformly colored brick wall change to one with distinct gray lines around each brick.  This wall was seen through a glass door, inside —> outside, at about 100 ft away.  Anyway, I wore my glasses way too much this weekend, yet I am not terribly disappointed with my indoor visual acuity tonight.

10/19- Earlier this week I was looking at the same brick wall from my last entry.  As I worked on making the gray mortar lines more distinct, I seemed to notice that the lines became clear when I focused on a small moving point with both eyes– centralization.  This made me realize that centralization is probably the natural vision principle I struggle with the most.  I try to keep my eyes moving, I breathe fully, and I blink often (although I think not as lightly as should be done).  However, these habits are not enough without this important principle.

I reread the centralization chapter in Relearning to See, and it was helpful.  One thing it says to notice is that even in the distance when everything is not clear (for myopes), I should still notice that the center is the clearest point in my visual field.  I can do the suggested pebble game even with the pebbles touching each other, but this is only within my range of clear vision.  Mainly, I need to notice and look for centralization in the distance where even my central (foveal) vision is not clear.  I also want to reread the central fixation chapter in Bate’s book sometime soon.

Anyway, I looked at my chart in sunlight again last Friday.  Like normal, I see about 20/200 at first, but with swinging and palming I saw down to the 20/70 line.

One thing I have been musing about lately is the effect of glasses and personality and emotions on each other.  I have definitely noticed that glasses do have addicting effects on myself and others.  On Friday evening, I took the glasses off my fiancee before we left her house to go to Circle K because she wasn’t driving and did not need them (although I suspect she never needs them since she sometimes drives without them).  However, when we got out to the car, they were back on her face again!  I feel that this was an unconscious action on her part.  For the emotional aspect- I have noticed that she wears her glasses all the time now, and I think she gets negative emotional feelings (withdrawal symptoms) when she doesn’t wear them.  I believe that this is why she put them back on after I had removed them from her face.  Personality: this aspect is mainly based off of Liberman’s book.  Recently I have discovered that I am indecisive and have little “back bone” to the extent that I will let things happen that upset me as long as I think it will make others happy.  However, when I recall myself in the past (especially before I got glasses) I was much different.  I told the other kids what I wanted to say without being burdened by how they might disagree (although, I was still nice in how I said things).  I am, from this point on, going to regain my confidence in speaking to others; this will have a major effect on all areas of my life.

Lastly, I want to put all my journal entries into a blog so that I can contribute to and be helped by others in the natural vision improvement community.  I will start working on that when I have some free time.


One thought on “Catch Up Post 4

  1. emilylouise519 says:

    I like to wear my glasses. They’re sexy. Besides, some people like to have something to hide behind. The only reason I occasionally don’t wear them is because I know you like it because you can see more of my face. I like being able to read the signs on the street, and I definitely am attached to my glasses. You’re right about that. I love you =]

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