My recent observations and goals

I have noticed especially this week the difference in how I feel while I wear my glasses as compared to when I don’t.  When they are on, the world seems fake, flat, and uninteresting.  Without glasses, the world feels more realistic and interesting.  The former is like a picture of a mountain, and the latter is like being at a mountain; no matter how high quality a picture is, physically being at the location will always create a better experience.

As for my new goal, I will not wear my close work pair of glasses (~20/80) anymore and will greatly reduce the use of my distance pair (~20/40).  I have decided this after commenting on Ireland’s eyes latest post.  While I like that my close pair allows me to cook, read, and write at a more comfortable distance, I know that without them I will be forced (in a good way 😉 ) to utilize correct vision habits.  In time these changes will bring about clear vision sooner.


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