Clearing my vision

First, as a note, I measured my visual acuity indoors on Tuesday night.  It was 10/70 after a little swinging and some palming.

Now on to my main topic.  I have noticed today that I am able to clear my vision on demand much better than before.  This clearing is not dramatic, but it allows me to see details on things.  For example, I would clear my vision while looking around sitting in a bus.   I was able to see the lines on the covers of the fluorescent lights and the ridges on the floor.  While working on a computer, and wearing glasses that let me see about 20/80, I was able to see the grates on the door of a study area that was about 30 ft. away; the lines on the grate would usually be invisible to me.  For the grates especially, and for the other things, I noticed the best clearing if I sketched a long straight line leading up to those objects.  The line might be the edge of sunlight coming through the window or the edge of a building.  This sketching of lines seems to demonstrate the importance of centralization to clear vision.  Also, the way I used the lines reminds me of the Near-to-Far Swing from page 129 of Relearning to See.  For some reason, this method allows me to focus further away than just looking off directly to a distant object.  Maybe my eyes need to adjust more slowly than I want to be able to focus distant objects clearly.  Furthermore, I was only able to clear my vision if I was relaxed and not trying to see the details.

One more observation I have noticed, because of a post on Seeing Beauty’s blog, is that I read incorrectly and too fast.  Like Sorrisi, I also tend to read ahead of the word/letter that should be in the center of my visual field.  Even as I write this post, I had forgotten and was not aware of it until I remembered this idea just now.  I believe that if I work on improving this poor habit, I will be able to read without glasses at a further distance.  I’m sure I will continue to learn new helpful things from the other vision bloggers on WordPress.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Clearing my vision

  1. Nancy says:

    Mark, nice going. I’ve noticed myself that if I take note of what I CAN see, like your door grates, rather than get all bummed out about how much I still can’t & how “everyone’s vision is better than mine” I make much better progress. I feel like I am either on an upward spiral or a downward one, & the choice is mine. I’ve also noticed what you pointed out about the lines leading up to distant objects, that if I give my eyes/brain some confidence by focusing on objects nearer first (more relaxing for me), seeing the distant object after that is easier.
    I’m leaving town soon for a few days, thinking about the visual adventure of the 4-hour drive. Keep up the good work; the more you look, the more you can see.

  2. sorrisi says:

    Hi Mark,

    your notes on your vision clearing are similar to what I experience! And I’m glad that the computer cursor swing worked for you! It’s fun to kick these ideas around.

    🙂 all the best!

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