Clearing Progress

These notes are from last week, and I haven’t posted them until now because I have been busy lately.

Thursday:  After palming for about 5 minutes while swinging an imaginary black period, I was able to see 10/50 on my chart indoors in very brief flashes!  This is the best I have seen on the chart so far 😀 .  Also, I finished rereading Bates’ book, The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment Without Glasses (the pdf version).  One thing that stood out to me in this reading of the book was his emphasis on the mental aspects/causes/cures of imperfect vision.  Also, I started using a couple new techniques while palming- swinging an imaginary black period and remembering the letters from the chart as perfectly black as possible.  I mostly focused on his tips for palming because he says in one part that if a technique does not work in the first few tries, to stop using it.  (This mainly applies to swinging or swaying for me.  While I do find these two activities relaxing, I haven’t noticed any significant changes in my visual acuity after using them.  However, palming is very helpful for me, so I mostly use that technique.)  A final thing I found amusing is the humor he uses in his writing.  I laughed at his sarcastic use of Salvino degli Armati’s (the inventor of glasses) epitaph in the begining of the book, and the last few paragraphs in his book about man’s common failure to be reasonable were hilarious (and true) 😆 .

Friday: I palmed, imagined swinging a black period, and practiced remembering letters from my chart for about 10 minutes outside.  I was able to see 20/60 on the chart.  This supports my previous observation that I see about twice as good in sunlight as I do in indoor lighting.

As to the title of my post, I have noticed lately that my eyesight is clearing for details on distant objects better now.  These clearings happen more frequently and last longer.  Furthermore, when I blink, the clear flash does not always go away.  Before, blinking made the clearness dissappear about 90% of the time.  Now, the clearness lasts through a few blinks about 50% of the time.  I see this as progress that my eyes are starting to improve their “default” visual acuity.


2 thoughts on “Clearing Progress

  1. Nancy says:

    Hi & congratulations; you are making great progress! I also find that my chart results are much better outside, & that palming is more effective for me than swinging. Noticing more details in the distance keeps me looking in the distance; if I don’t expect to see anything, I won’t! This is the same mindset for me of visualizing the chart letters black & clear. My confidence is growing that the clarity will come if I invite it, that I don’t have to chase it & try/strain. This mental shift, as well as being patient & not rushing, is central to this work for me, & is like turning a battleship, slowing changing the habits of a lifetime.
    Question: is the chart clear immediately for you, or does it become clearer over time as you gaze at it? Are there techniques you use during a chart session (not before) to help with this?
    Keep it up!

  2. mark825 says:

    When my eyes are relaxed, the chart is clearest immediately after each blink. Between blinks, the letters become a little blurrier. Then, if I do not remain relaxed, the clearness fades away after a few seconds (in less than a minute).
    During a chart session I try to look only at one part of a letter (for example, the lower right section of an L) and notice that that point is the clearest and blackest part of the letter (centralization). Then, after looking at different parts of the letter for a few seconds, I palm again and try to remember the letter as black and clear as I can in my mind. I then repeat this process with the same letter or another one on the same line (this line is the lowest one that I am able to read after palming at the beginning of the session; the goal is to be able to see the letters on that line more clearly).

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