Long open focus session

Last night, I practiced seeing the flash/open focus for an hour.  I also did a few seconds of palming every once in a while, and I did some swaying at the end.  Here’s what I gained:

  • At first I could only read 10/200 on the chart.  By the end I could read 10/50.
  • While the 50 line was the lowest I could read, it was not the lowest line I was able to see.  For most of the time (when my focus was on the chart), I could see the shapes of the individual letters on the 40, 30, and 25 lines.  I even counted the letters on the 30 line (seven letters); at the end I checked the chart up close, and this number was correct! 😀
  • I felt frustrated because I could see the individual letters (their locations) on as low as the 25 line, but I could not clear them enough to be able to recognize them.  As I tried to clear the letters, I could feel my eyes struggling to relax and let go of their tension.  However, I guess my mistake was trying to clear the letters.  I’m sure that with practice I’ll be able to let go of the tension in my eyes and see lower than the 50 line. 8)

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