Lip Reading

Wednesday afternoon:  I practiced in front of the Snellen today using palming, open focus, and some swinging.  At the beginning I could see 10/200, and by the end (~45 minutes) I could see 10/50.  I could almost read the 10/40 line, but I couldn’t clear any of the letters to a readable extent.  I think that if I am more consistent in doing  my Snellen chart practice sessions I will be able to read this line some time soon.

One thing I wanted to discuss is how I seem to not hear as well without my glasses.  I have heard other people say this, and I think they contributed this mainly to not having central fixation of the mind (for vision and hearing)  While I’m sure that this is one factor, I believe that my “hearing loss” is mostly caused by something else.  I am not 100% sure if this is true for me, but I think that when people talk to me I read their lips (to an extent) and notice their facial expressions and other body language.  However, when my glasses are not on and if the person is more than a few feet away, I am not able to see these details (except for large, obvious movements).  If I think they have asked a question, I usually just smile and give a vague response that seems appropriate. 😕 😦 This has cause me much embarrassment (only to myself) lately, and I can’t wait until my vision is clear enough to at least see these things when I talk to people.  Perhaps this embarrassment is partly to blame for my currently introverted, myopic personality.

Finally, I wanted to show my concern for Ireland’s eyes (the person, not the blog).  I check his blog every time I log on to WordPress, but he has not posted or commented on anything in a while.  I hope he is doing ok.


2 thoughts on “Lip Reading

  1. emilylouise519 says:


    How come you didn’t tell me about the hearing thing? It kind of explains a bit.

  2. mark825 says:

    -Emily- I don’t know. 😦 I only figured it out myself a little while ago. I have pretty much always noticed it since I started wearing glasses instead of contacts (since I’m able to remove the glasses whenever). However, I didn’t really “connect the dots” until recently. I’m sorry that I didn’t clearly explain this to you in person, but we can talk about it sometime if you still want to.

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