Monday night: I practiced open focus for about 20 minutes.  At first I could read 10/200; by the end I could read 10/50.  As usual (lately), I could almost read 10/40.  In this chart session I focused on keeping my body relaxed.  I spent extra time in the beginning making sure that all the muscles of my body were loose.  Also, I took breaks every few minutes where I would close my eyes and check for any unnecessary muscle tension in my body and relax those areas.

One improvement in this session compared to recent ones is that I saw the principle of centralization well.  As I looked at the 40 line and tried to read the letters, I definitely noticed that the 40 line, and specificaly the letter I was looking at, was darker and clearer than the rest of the chart.  I’m guessing that in order to read the 40 line (or lower lines) I need to relax more and be more aware of centralization.


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