In transition to the 30 line

Tuesday night:  I practiced seeing the flash for 15 minutes.  I started reading 10/100, and I finished at 10/40.  I wasn’t able to remain  in the relaxed state (effortless seeing) for too long, so I was only able to correctly identify one letter, an F, on the 30 line.  I’ll work on using effortless seeing for longer amounts of time in future practice sessions.


2 thoughts on “In transition to the 30 line

  1. helenacampbell says:

    Hey Mark,
    Other than the chart, how is your normal day-to-day vision doing? You know, doing computer work, going to school, in your free time, etc. Are you able o go WOG for great lengths of time? I hope to soon hear that you start out at 10/80 or better instead of 10/100 🙂

  2. mark825 says:

    My normal vision without glasses is usually around the 10/100 range. 😐 If I relax and blink lightly my vision will clear a little and I can see certain details in the distance better. However, my vision is only significantly clearer when I practice with the chart. 😕 I go for at least half of the day, and usually more, without my glasses, but I wish I were able to use them less. I generally use glasses for the computer, to watch television or play video games, to drive, and for the projector screens at school.

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