A little better…

Friday morning: I practiced seeing the flash for about 20 minutes.  I started at 10/100 and ended seeing 10/40.  While I was using effortless seeing, I was able to correctly identify 2 out of 6 letters on the 30 line.  So, I did a little bit better than last time, but there is still room for improvement.

Throughout the day, I try to use effortless seeing when I remember to.  It usually results in my vision clearing distant details a little, but not too much (maybe 10/100 to 10/80 ❓ ).  I hope my default vision (10/100) starts to lower soon.


2 thoughts on “A little better…

  1. sorrisi says:

    Happy New Year! Your continued notes on effortless seeing are interesting!

    🙂 sorrisi

  2. sorrisi says:

    Hey Mark! I hope things are going well. I just realized something important that I wrote about now. Change your distance from the chart! Don’t get too attached to 10 feet 🙂


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