Last Thursday night:  I practiced seeing the flash for about 20 minutes.  I started at around 10/200 and relaxed to 10/40.  After I had gotten to the point where I was “seeing the flash”, I did 100 long swings.  Finally, I swayed while switching my focus from the wall to a letter and back to the wall.  These additions were things that Sorrisi recommended in one of her blogs.  However, my best visual acuity (10/40) was before the long swings.  After the long swings, when I was swaying to one letter at a time, my visual acuity was actually lower (maybe around 10/60 at best).  I found these results interesting, but I’m not exactly sure why my visual acuity declined after the swings. 😕

Sunday afternoon:  I practiced seeing the flash for about 30  minutes while at my fiancee’s house.  I did not have a Sellen chart to check my visual acuity, but I could definetly notice the brief flashes of clearer vision after each blink.

One thing I want to mention is that I have noticed lately how much my visual acuity fluctuates (in a positive direction) throughout the day.  I am not saying that my vision is clearer in the evening than in the morning, but when I look at a distant or detailed object without my glasses I observe something like the following: the object appears blurry (probably 10/100); then as I relax and blink lightly, it clears slightly immediately after each blink.  This change is not drammatic, but is noticeable enough for me to know that my eyes are at least trying to see clearly.  As I become more able to have a relaxed mind and body throughout the day, I’m sure these fluctuations will lead to perfectly clear vision that lasts through my blinking. 🙂


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