Shifty eyes

I have a lot of measurements to mention this time because I have been busy with school lately.

For the 3 measurements from last week, I just breathed fully, blinked and relaxed for about 5 minutes each time:

Last Tuesday morning: 4/80 to 4/30.

Last Tuesday night: 4/80 to 4/35.

Last Wednesday morning: 3/62 to 3/25.

Last Wednesday evening: 3/62 to 3/30.

Last Thursday morning: 5/80 to 5/40.

Last Thursday  evening: 5/80 to 5/40.

Now my measurements for this week:

Monday night: I did over 150 long swings, and my visual acuity changed from 4/80 to 4/35.  During the final swings, the objects in my visual field seemed to rapidly shift as my gaze moved over them.  The shifting was a new thing for me, but at the same time my eyes felt relaxed while it was taking place.

Tuesday night: I did long swings for a long time without counting them.  Instead, I just focused on relaxing and letting my eyes/vision do what they wanted.  My  readings went from 4/80 to 4/35.  Like on Monday, when I got into the rhythm of swinging the objects in my vision seemed to quickly shift.  The shifting was similar to if I was looking at a flip book or if a film were played just slow enough that I could see each individual frame.

Pretty much these readings are my experiments with the ideas Sorrisi suggested on her blog.  For the first week, I took Snellen measurements twice a day in order to see the overall state of my vision.  I changed the distance from the chart each day to add more variety.  While I liked doing two measurements a day, I did not make the time for it this week.  However, I would like to continue that practice soon.

Also, the two readings this week are my attempts at using high numbers of long swings.  Swinging hasn’t improved my vision in the past, but I decided to try it again to see if it is helpful at this time– it was. 🙂 Something interesting that happened both times is the shifting of objects in my visual field once I was swinging at a regular, relaxed pace.  I described how this looked on the Monday night information, and I am reminded of something else I think Sorrisi wrote in her blog on long swings.  She said that her eyes/vision also got to a point where they rapidly shifted from point to point, but then her eyes started to move smoothly and her visual acuity was improved at this point.  While I reached the shifting point, I did not arrive at the latter stage of relaxation and fluid eye movements.  Maybe Sorrisi or someone else could give me some tips/ideas on how to move past the shifty phase to the smooth phase. ❓

Anyway, I’ll post further measurements and thoughts once I make them. 😉


One thought on “Shifty eyes

  1. Nancy says:

    This i great; you’re really making good progress. I am also measuring my snellen twice a day at different distances, prompted by Sorrisi, & am seeing a pretty steady 20/70 or 4/20, with steadily darker letters & flashes of the lower lines, but no measurable improvements yet. The thing I think I’m doing wrong is not giving it enough time, About the jumping vs. flowing, I think like the short swing you can’t really make it happen, just observe it. So I’d keep at it & remain aware of what my eyes are doing & it will probably happen eventually by itself. Notice Sorrisi said it took her a while to get to this point; it didn’t happen right away.

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