Close measurements

Tuesday: 1/10 to 1/4 (acupressure)

Wednesday: 2/- to 2/10 (acupressure)

Thursday: 2/- to 2/10 (long swings)

I’ve practiced with my Snellen for close distances this week.  The blanks on the last two measurements are because the chart I use for close work only goes up to the 15 line, and I could not read that line at first.

If I look at these measurements and the measurements from the last two weeks, I see a general trend.  The second number in my readings (which represents the line I read on the chart) is reduced by about half regardless of my physical distance from the chart.  For example, the Tuesday reading above goes from 10 to 4, and some readings from my last post are 70 to 40, 62 to 35, and 10 to 6.  I’m not sure what to conclude from this pattern, but it’s just something I’ve noticed for my quick Snellen sessions.

I also seem to be at a plateau right now with my vision improvement, and I feel that the cause is psychological not physical.  I’m not sure what step I need to take to obtain clearer visual acuity, but I feel that some mental change needs to take place. *shrugs* 😐 I look forward to when I make that next discovery.

Finally, I’m looking forward to reading Sorrisi’s upcoming post on wanting vs. trying to see. 🙂 I think that subject might be related in some way to my current plateau.

-UPDATE- I just finished reading Sorrisi’s newest post. 😯 It was exactly what I needed right now for my vision! 😀 It talked about so many helpful things including the mind/body connection, the importance of imagination, the effect of closing one’s eyelids and other information.  I need a few days to process all of the information, but I’ll write about what I’ve learned in a future post.


2 thoughts on “Close measurements

  1. Nancy says:

    My thought about your second measurement being cut in half from doing Bates-type work is that your vision is not stuck, which is very good. Doing relaxation practices can double your acuity & let you see twice as far!

    I’m with you on thinking my vision challenges now are psychological, that at some level part of me doesn’t expect to see clearly (& so I don’t, a self-fulfilling prophecy). If you have further thoughts on this, & especially a plan to change it, I’d love to hear about it.

  2. helenacampbell says:

    I feel that plateaus are part of the mind also, and that when they occur you just keep going,, and eventually your mind and body reach that point–when they’re ready. Of course, it’s good that you have switched up your Snellen routine, because I think doing new things helps by using your imagination (of course)
    You can try other experiments like imagining the black dot, or other things that Bates talks about (I guess you have to read his articles for that).
    Sorrisi’s post on the fact that you can imagine things while your eyes are open will help with this, I think

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