More thoughts on imagination

Last Thursday, final reading: 4/25 (relaxing, blinking, breathing fully)

Last Tuesday: 5/100 to 5/40 (longs swings)

Last Wednesday: 10/200 to 10/50 (relaxing, imagination)

Monday night: 10/70 to 10/40 (swaying, imagination)

Since this doesn’t fit into my further ideas, I just want to note that I have been working on “dodging” clarity for the last week (as recommended by Sorrisi).  It seems to be helping me as I have been noticing more details for longer periods of time.

On Sunday evening I lay down with my eyes closed and tried to remember an event in detail from my early childhood (before I received glasses) for about a total of 30 minutes.  I could only remember a few vague, blurry instances, and I tried to imagine myself in those situations again.  I tried to imagine what I would see (with my then clear vision), hear, feel, and think in those events.  I opened my eyes every once in a while and tried to keep these sensations and feelings as I looked at a poster on the wall.  The letters on the poster did seem to clear up a little, but not to a large extent.  Then, my fiancee came into the room (she had been doing something else) and asked what I had been doing.

I told her that I had been trying to imagine some event from my childhood when my vision was clear.  I also told her that one’s vision is supposed to be clear if one can imagine something perfectly (which is the reason I had been doing the imagination practice).  I then asked if she could remember an event from her childhood well.  Almost immediately, she started describing story after story about things that happened when her family lived at her old house.  I was very surprised at how quickly and effortlessly she recalled these events.

Anyway, what I (re)learned from this is that one can only imagine something perfectly if no effort is used.  She has good vision (I estimate about 20/50) and was able to recall multiple stories in detail without exerting much effort.  Also, she has a good memory for music and can learn the lyrics and/or melody of a song after listening to it only one time.  I, on the other hand, was not able to recall any event in detail even with a half hour of trying to do so. 😦 Basically, I was trying to hard.

I know that throughout my day something often happens that reminds me of something else.  For example, if I am listening to someone talk I might remember something similar that my friends and I had done a while ago.  Also, many things happen throughout the day that remind me of certain songs I have listened to.  These things happen in an instant with out any conscious effort from me.

The main idea of this post is that I cannot force myself to imagine some object perfectly.  I cannot imagine a letter on the Snellen chart if I try to imagine it.  I cannot imagine a building in the distance perfectly if I am trying.  I won’t be able to recall an event from the past in detail if I use effort.  None of these things will lead to clearer vision unless they happen with no conscious effort on my part.

So, I guess I’ll be working on that. 😐 🙂


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