How my eyes feel

Well, I haven’t posted in a while because of finals at school, but I am all done with them for this semester.  I also haven’t been doing much structured vision practice, yet I have been doing little things throughout the day as I am able.  I would take off my glasses when not needed, I would try to keep blinking, breathing fully, and moving my eyes, and I would just try to stay overall relaxed (physically and mentally).  I’ve started doing Sorrisi’s book club lessons, and I will definitely be more involved in them now since school is over.   I like the book club because it will allow me and others to learn from each other what Bates wanted people to know about how their eyes work.

An additional practice I have been using occasionally is noticing how my eyes feel when my vision is clearer as compared to when it is blurrier.  I got this idea from Sorrisi who wrote about it in a comment somewhere.  Anyway, when my eyesight is clearer, my eyes feel more spherical, flexible, and soft.  However, when my vision is blurry, and I am aware of my eyes, my eyes feel more ellipsoidal (a 3-D oval) and rigid.  When I am using this form of awareness and my vision is blurry, I try to locate places around my eyes or body that are tensed; I then try to let them relax.  Furthermore, I do this practice with the focus on how my eyes/body feels and not how clear my vision is.  This practice seems to keep me using good vision habits, which lead to clearer vision.

I hope to improve my vision at a faster rate now that it is summer and I’m not stressed out about school assignments.


One thought on “How my eyes feel

  1. helenacampbell says:

    Hope you are doing well, and looking forward to seeing you post. I’ve been reading Nancy’s blog a lot and commenting, also Sorrisi’s, but since Irelands Eyes and Sassy no longer blog, I feel like there’s a lack of vision bloggers. I hope that some new people are introduced and that the current ones blog a lot, I learn a lot from the community!

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