The importance of experience

I haven’t been posting much lately because I haven’t been doing much formal vision work.  I try to use good vision habits when my glasses are off, but I’ve been wearing my glasses much more than I should have to watch T.V., movies, play video games, etc. 😦 I know this is harmful for my eyes, so I am making a conscious effort to wear my glasses as little as possible now.

Something I’ve been thinking about, especially after reading Sorrisi’s latest posts, is that I should just focus on what I do that makes my eyesight better/worse rather than what I’ve read that Bates says I should do.  In the end, I’m sure these two things will be the same in principle, but Bates may have worded his ideas in a way that I don’t completely understand yet.  For example, I am able to centralize my eyes on some fine details, but I figured this out from my own experience and not Bates’ description of central fixation.

I’m not putting down Bates’ work at all or saying that he is a bad writer, I’m just saying that he might have worded his ideas differently than I would have.  The only way I can truly figure out the basic principles of clear vision is to experince them myself.  Once I’ve done this, I’m sure the things that help me would match up with Bates’ thinking.

As a start, I’ve been using my computer today without any glasses.  I’m surprised at how far I can away I can read words on the screen.  I probably shouldn’t be surprised because it is about the same distance as I could read before, but I think wearing my glasses all the time lowered my expectations of how clear my vision could be.

Anyway, I’ll start using my Snellen chart at least once every day, I’ll be aware of what increases/lowers my visual acuity, and I’ll be more patient with my eyesight.   As a final note, doing these things does not mean I can’t watch T.V. or play video games anymore, it just means that I will have to use better vision habits and let my eyes adjust at their own speed.  I’ll writes posts more often to record my experiences, results, and ideas.


2 thoughts on “The importance of experience

  1. sorrisi says:

    Hey Mark! I play GranTurismo with my husband without glasses. I figure when I can beat him without glasses then I’m ready to drive for real without glasses 😉

    You’re on the right track I’m sure – letting Bates guide you (reading the chart) but discovering it yourself (open to noticing what it is you’re doing that improves your sight.)

    Your wording with wearing glasses lowering your expectations is exactly what I’ve experienced! I’m so glad you wrote that, it’s something I struggle with. I’ll wear my glasses and forget about all the things I can see without them.

    So far, the thing that helps the most with this is walking/cycling to and from work without glasses. It’s always so amazing to me how much I can see without them, and even if I failed during the day and put them on, I will still be elated going home with how much I can still see. It keeps the motivation up. Perhaps you need some kind of daily activity like that? Do you do some kind of sport that you could do daily wihtout glasses to keep you inspired?


  2. mark825 says:

    Sorrisi: I workout 5 days a week, and I never use glasses for that. However, I think activities will be more helpful for my vision if I am outside. Beside the fact that it is 97 (F) degrees outside right now, I don’t really have too many ideas for what to do outside. 😦

    I think this might be related to my how my vision started lowering in the first place. When I was young, I would always play outside with my friends across the street or in my neighborhood. We would ride bikes, skateboard, build forts, swim, etc. I remember that my vision was fine back then.

    However, once I started playing video games, I was inside much more often. Consequently (although not surprisingly), the first time I remember not having clear vision was while I was playing a Spider-Man video game and trying to read letters on the screen. This was when I first got glasses.

    I don’t know why I haven’t posted this information before, but I’m very glad you reminded me of it. 😀

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