Changes in daily life

Tuesday: 10/80 to 10/60 (long swings, blinking, breathing fully, imagining eyes are becoming more spherical)

Wednesday: 5/50 (blinking, breathing fully, shifting)

I have a lot of ideas to share today. 🙂

First, I looked at and read through many of the Outlook Insight forum posts yesterday and found them very interesting.  I kind of knew this site existed before, but I had not read through the posts until yesterday.  I especially like Robert’s (I believe he created and runs the forum) simplistic view of improving one’s vision by using Bates’ book as the main source of information and using what helps your own eyes the most; his viewpoint matches closely to mine.  I now have another source of inspiration and new ideas for my eyesight journey.

Second, today (Wednesday) I have been consciously shifting my eyes and simultaneously centralizing as much as possible since I woke up; it try to do those two things continuously and as quickly as possible.  I originally got the idea from an Outlook Insight post, and I thought it would be beneficial for myself.  I haven’t been perfect at it, but I use those habits when I am aware.  Already I have observed that I still don’t have down the three basic habits that Quackenbush teaches (sketch, breathe, and blink).  Also, when I am doing it quickly for a while, I notice that my eye muscles feel sore.  This soreness is not painful but is similar to the feeling of one’s muscles after an intense conditioning workout.  Anyway, I will keep up this practice so that it will eventually become a natural habit.

Finally, I want to note some further ideas I thought of after reading Sorrisi’s comment to my previous post.  I would strongly recommend reading the comments to that post if you haven’t since they explain some of my past and how I reached the following ideas.  In addition to the habits I will practice from the previous paragraph, I also want to start doing more activities outside.  This time of year it is pretty hot outside where I live (with highs in the upper 90s and 100s), but I should not use that as an excuse to stay inside all day.  I know there are plenty of people (such as construction workers and farmers) who don’t have a choice and work outside every day.  Although a part of the reason the majority of my activities take place inside is because of the weather, I think a more important part is that I don’t have any activities to do outside.  Televisions, computers, video games, etc. are all things that are inside my comfortable home.  The only reason I go outside is to walk to my car so that I can drive somewhere else where I will be inside a building.  Although I don’t like to think of myself as sedentary since I exercise most days of the week, my other daily activities require very little energy from myself (and my eyes ?).

So, I want to start going outside every day for fun and not just to go somewhere else.  I’ll try doing the things that I enjoyed as a kid such riding a bike, skateboarding, playing with my boomerang at the park, and going on walks with my fiancee.  I think it’s important that I do these things outside because I will have fresh air (as much as one can say that about air in a major city 😐 ), sunlight, and objects to look at further away than they could ever be inside my house.

I think that’s all for now.


One thought on “Changes in daily life

  1. dreamersight says:

    Mark, I always feel better & see better after spending some time outside, even if it is just walking 1/2 mile to the end of the development where the dumpsters are with the garbage & back! (Nearly everyone else drives.) I think it’s a combination of breathing more deeply, seeing the green colors,& being able to look farther into the distance than I can in the house, as you said. Perhaps you could get outside in the early morning or in the evening when it’s not as hot.

    Yes, Robert on Effortless Vision is Robert Lichtman who owns that forum, based in NYC. I’ve only had 1 group lesson with him but found him to be knowledgeable & caring & very helpful, as you can see from his posts.

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