Camping trip and memory

For the last 5 days, I was on a camping trip in the White Mountains.  Except for when I was driving, I did not use my glasses for the vast majority of the trip.  I was able to relax and enjoy the outdoors without any desire to wear  my glasses.  My vision was not spectacularly clear during the trip, but I had many clear flashes of the trees, streams, ponds, fields, birds, etc.  While I know the trip was beneficial for my eyes, it is frustrating that just going without glasses is not enough to clear my vision. 😡 😐 While I would like to blame glasses for my myopia, my experiences on the trip clearly point out that my unclear vision in the distance is caused by poor vision habits with or without the use of corrective lenses.

As I read the comments to the Chapter IX post on Sorrisi’s blog and thought about my past Snellen readings, I realized that I do not make a conscious effort to remember my experiences as I do vision practice.  While I am able to reduce my readings by half from the beginning of the Snellen practices, I always seem to start at around the same high numbers.  Something that Bates and other vision blogers have stated is that you should remember the relaxation you feel while palming, swinging, etc, so that you can have clear vision throughout the day.  I think my neglect of this habit is the obvious cause for my low average visual acuity.  This is something I will definitely work on as I think it is a necessary habit for ever reaching my goal of clear vision.

Another thing that will help with developing this habit is thinking about the pictures from Chapter IX that showed people’s faces when they had normal vision.  I could discern a difference in those pictures from when the people were relaxed vs. straining; their faces looked relaxed, soft, and flexible especially on and between their eyebrows, their lips, and their eyelids.  Furthermore, if I think of pictures of myself when I was younger, my face also had that relaxed appearance.  As I try to remain relaxed throughout the day, I will try to imagine that my face is relaxed and be aware if there is strain anywhere.


One thought on “Camping trip and memory

  1. dreamersight says:

    Yes, I’ve written before that I went without glasses for a few years most of the time & lived in a foggy blur, which I kept expecting to magically clear up but it didn’t. As you said, I was carrying the habits of straining around with me. See John’s blog on Effortless Vision today about going without his glasses & trying to maintain good visual habits at all times — this is not easy, but I fully believe it’s possible. Someone else made me laugh when they wrote recently, I think in IBlindness, to imitate your habits of strain, to bring them to more awareness & eventually remove them. I thought immediately of the frowning scowling people in Bates’s pictures! I think this technique is like trying to see worse, which never made sense to mer but seems to work.

    See if you can remember the easy feeling of looking at the trees & mountains on your camping trip, when you look at things around you now. Really getting it that I don’t need to strain to see clearly, which I have more & more frequent flashes of, I think is the key to continuing to improve. Keep up the good work!

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