Similar readings

Friday: 10/200 to 10/50 (swaying, remembering the relaxation I feel during palming)

Saturday: 10/200 to 10/40 (palming)

Monday: 10/200 to 10/50 (palming while imagining something happy)

Tuesday 10/200 to 10/50 (palming, swaying)

As one can see, I’ve been getting the same results on the Snellen chart for the past few days.  What this tells me is that I need to start doing something differently like I would do if I plateaued in my workouts.  My solution is to change how I use my eyes throughout the day.

The vision techniques I use are obviously effective, temporarily, as I am able to increase my visual acuity to a quarter of the starting distance.  However, I care more about how clear my vision is the rest of the day away from the Snellen chart.

If I used better vision habits and my starting visual acuity changed to 10/100, then this number could possibly be reduced to 10/25 with the relaxation techniques during my Snellen practices (based on my above results).  Seeing the 25 line from 10 feet would be a huge increase in clarity for me, and would be close to the minimum visual acuity required for driving 🙂 (20/40 or ~10/20).

The vision habits I will focus on are listed in the January 1922 issue of the Better Eyesight magazines in the article, “Stop Staring”.  These habits are 1) continuously shifting on all objects looked at, 2) resting the eyes frequently by closing them for a few seconds or minutes, and 3) imagining the openings and margins of letters to be a very bright white color (for black type on a white background).

I hope, and expect, that by using these three habits throughout the day, I will decrease the starting measurements of my Snellen readings and relax my mind enough that I can have clearer vision throughout the day. 🙂


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