Time for the big change to begin

Lately my vision seems to be clearer than in previous weeks.  I haven’t been doing too much direct vision work, but when my glasses are off I see things clearer than I used to.  The problem is that I’m wearing my glasses most of the day.

Both pairs of my glasses are reduced prescriptions (20/40 and 20/80), so they aren’t as harmful as full strength glasses from an optometrist.  However, my eyes cannot relearn how to see clearly if the glasses are doing the work for them most of the day.

So, I’m going to make a conscious effort to wear my glasses as little as possible from now on.  With the exception of emergency situations, I will only be wearing my glasses for driving, seeing the projector screens at school, and using the computer.  The rest of the time, I do not really need to wear them.  This effort will be a change because up to now, most of the time I’ve used my glasses to watch television, watch movies, go grocery shopping, and other things I can’t recall right now.

My eyes need a chance to work on their own for longer than the time in the morning before I drive to school and the last few minutes before I go to bed.  This won’t only be a physical change, but it will also be a psychological struggle to resist putting on my glasses to see a little clearer.

I’m not at the point where I can completely go without glasses for the entire day, but I need to greatly minimize the times that I do wear them.  Once I’ve persisted with this change for a few weeks or days, I’m sure my vision will become clearer at a faster rate than it is now. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Time for the big change to begin

  1. fuoco says:

    That’s very interesting. I strongly believe a lot of it is mental, or maybe really just a question of habit.
    I don’t go with glasses at all for a long time. I know I will have to when I go back to studies. But I was even able to avoid it when driving, if it’s in daylight it’s ok for me.
    I was hoping to get to a level where I will be able to go without glasses when at school, but I doubt I will succeed in time.
    I’ve been going for so long times now without glasses and it’s great. I think last time I put on glasses was about 3-4 weeks ago for like 2 hours driving at night. So yeah I don’t see everything clearly and sometimes I have to rely on asking other people around, or getting closer, but it’s generally not so much of a nuisance. I started at about -4D,
    I hoped that it would make my eyesight improve more rapidly during the vacation, but it seems I still have hard time letting go of the unconscious strain…
    Wish you luck with your journey!

  2. dreamersight says:

    This is big. Wearing glasses is quite an entrenched habit for people with a strong prescription, so automatic a person can have their glasses on their face & are proceeding with an activity before they even realize it, not remembering putting them on. I’ve talked to several people who are “afraid” to take their glasses off & think I’m “brave” for doing so. I’m now near the state that Fuoco is, wearing glasses hardly at all, & it is so freeing! Moving from the default being glasses all day long, to weaning myself away from them, to the default being no glasses at all & wearing them being the rare exception, is no trivial journey, but I think it’s a necessary one. I agree with Fuoco that the attachment to glasses isn’t always physical (I need them to see), but often emotional (I’m feeling anxious) or just pure rote habit. I had to get much more aware of whether I really wanted glasses on or not to proceed, as it was a deeply ingrained lifelong way of being. Realizing I don’t need to do things as fast as possible was a big part of this, which I’m still
    dealing with, in this hurry hurry culture.

    Let us know how this goes. It’s a big deal. Good luck.

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