My progress since the last post

I’ve been doing pretty good so far at only wearing my glasses for the computer, projector screens, and driving.  I haven’t worn my glasses for watching TV or shopping for food since the last post.  The only other times I remember wearing my glasses were during my internship (at a physical therapy facility) in order to read the displays and buttons on the electrical stimulation and ultrasound machines.  However, once I learn the layout of the machines, I will probably be able to leave my glasses off during my interning.

Something I want to comment on is the main three things I use my glasses for (computer, projector screens, driving).  I wrote them in this order because I believe I will be able to remove them from the list in that order.  I can already read a few things on computers from a normal distance, so I’m sure I will lose my need for glasses for this activity first.  At school I almost always sit in the front row and am able to see the screens with my close work (20/80) glasses.  Many of my teachers prepare handouts online with the slides for their lectures, so I am able to read from these which reduces my need to look at the screen.  So, when I am able to read papers at a normal distance (about the same distance from myself to the computer screen), I should be able to attend lectures without needing my glasses.  Finally, driving would be the last required activity for my glasses use.  This is mainly because of the laws in my state for requiring 20/40 vision to drive.  I am confident that I’m able to drive fine on surface streets during the daytime without my glasses.  However, driving on freeways or at night is not something I currently would be comfortable doing without my glasses.  Once my vision is good enough, though, I’m sure I would get used to driving in any environmental condition without glasses fairly quickly.

The steps I’m taking now to improve my vision are using my glasses as little as possible, being relaxed physically and mentally, and imagining that I can see things clearly (as recommended by Ron).  I’ll keep doing at least these things until my 3 glasses activities become 2, 1, and eventually 0. 8)


2 thoughts on “My progress since the last post

  1. dreamersight says:

    I’m glad you wrote this post. Since your previous one I’ve been wondering how it was going. The switch from doing most things with glasses to doing most things without them is not a trivial one, but as I said before I think it’s a necessary one. My blog post today about remembering your successes is related. Remembering seeing things clearly feeds my imagination of seeing things clearly, so it’s believable to me. Otherwise I just think I’m in Fantasy Land!

    Keep up the good work & insightful posts.

  2. sorrisi says:

    Hi Mark, way to go! One thing that helps me have clear sight without glasses for the computer screen is to give myself 5 minutes without glasses where I sit from a normal distance with good posture, breathing and blinking normally, and just shifting around the screen thinking of nice thoughts. After I get bored of that I write my thoughts down, I’m not self consciuos about whether I can see the paper, I maintain in stead my posture and write my thoughts down as if I can see the pencil and writing on the paper clearly. This almost always results in my eyesight improving dramatically so that I can read everything I’m writing, and I can read the computer screen as well. Then I can go on and do 10 minutes of work or so on the computer from a normal distance before I lose the mental control and end up zooming my face into the screen. However, the time I can spend in a correct posture is increasing each time 🙂
    hop that helps,

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