Being persistent

I haven’t been doing too much different lately: I take off my glasses when they aren’t needed, I try to relax physically and mentally, I keep blinking and moving my eyes, I try to have good posture and breathe fully, etc.  At this point in my vision journey I’ve made plenty of progress from where I started, but I still have a good amount of visual acuity to improve in order to see clearly without glasses.  Unless I learn of some quickly effective technique or idea to clear up my vision, I think I just need to keep doing what I am already while reducing the amount of time I wear glasses.

Another thing that would obviously help is more motivation, but it’s hard to increase that right now when I know my glasses are only 2.00 Diopters less than my strongest glasses (with 4.00 Diopters left before I wouldn’t need any correction).  I guess the optimistic (yet truthful) way to look at this would be to focus on how vision improvement doesn’t usually follow an even linear path. 🙂 I just wish I could discover/learn of a new idea or technique that would make the path more exponential. 😐 I already know Bates’ techniques and other relaxation techniques, so I’m sure I just need to make more time for practicing the techniques that are beneficial for me.

On another note, one thing I’ve noticed more lately (it’s been happening for a while) is that I’m more interested in my other senses (beside vision) when I’m not wearing my glasses.  I’ve especially noticed this with my sense of touch as I like to feel the texture of new and familiar objects much more often now than I used to.  I think this is because before, when I was wearing my glasses, I could see the details of objects and guess at their textures and shapes.  Now, however, objects are not seen as clearly, so feeling them teaches me more about the textures and materials used in an object.  I wouldn’t necessarily say that my senses other than vision are enhanced when I don’t wear glasses, but I just pay more attention to them.  I wonder if other people who are improving their vision have noticed this same phenomenon. ❓


3 thoughts on “Being persistent

  1. fuoco says:

    Your story sounds familiar.

    Yesterday I met with an old friend who is also very myopic. He asked me what happened to my glasses and I told him I don’t wear them because I use NVI. So he asked me if it’s working out, and I realized I don’t like the question, and found myself saying that I would have liked to have greater improvement by now, but I’m still expecting it. Me too I hope to find something that will suddenly accelerate my improvement exponentially as you say it.
    On another story: I feel more and more that during the night I have lots of stress and strain coming up especially in my mind and my eyes. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night feeling really tense and my eyes really hurt. I couldn’t really do much to try and relieve it because I was also extremely tired. Bates techniques somehow require me to be aware, conscious and intentional – so when I’m tired it loses in effectiveness.
    So I used Isochronic Tones (Which I recently wrote about in Sorrisi’s blog), and it helped me relax and fall asleep again and wake up much more relaxed. So I wish I could find some way to improve in this respect so my nights will become better – less insomnia, less strain and maybe less reversal of eye-improvement during the nights. So far no luck in this area but I hope to find something soon – this is where the Bates method might indeed become more beneficial than just for vision!

    Good luck and keep the persistence and motivation!!

  2. dreamersight says:

    This was a great post & I really related to it, especially your point about NVI progress not being linear. I still often see in a blurry way & am trying hard not to end-gain & look for improvement at a certain rate or by a certain time. Keeping to the Bates practices faithfully, most especially not wearing glasses any more than I absolutely have to, has been essential to me improving my vision & also my trust in my eyes without glasses. It’s so easy to slip back into the old patterns, like putting on glasses to see something quickly rather than take the second or so to let my natural vision adjust. One day at a time: like Fuoco said, persistence is key.

    I have also noticed that my other senses are sharper, especially for me smell & hearing. I think you’re right that I’m just paying more attention, as the increased attention I’m paying to my vision spreads out to all of my senses. I notice this most when I’m outside in Nature & see it as a very good & healthy thing. Keep up the good work.

  3. helenacampbell says:

    Motivation can be tricky, I allude to some in my own blog post today. I think the idea is to forget about your end goal consciously (or rather “don’t be a greedy end-gamer”). It should be fun, or relaxing to do your Snellen chart, or just to go outside and play, other things like that.
    I wrote today about how pleased I was about my tooth health improving, but I stopped being worried about it a long time ago–it was stressful to think about! The way brushing your teeth is a habit, so too does doing the chart–of course you’re more conscious of your eyes improving while doing chartwork than you are of your teeth while brushing, but either way the idea is that it’s a habit, or a game at least, and you just find yourself pleasantly surprised when you do your big check (once a wee, once a month)..

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