Plans for winter break

I’m finally done with this semester of school, so now I have less stress and more free time to improve my vision.  The main differences I plan on making are using my Snellen chart every day and trying to use my glasses less.  My overall vision seems to be clearer for things in my surroundings, but I see about the same visual acuity with my Snellen chart.  I’m sure with consistent use, though, I’ll start seeing the letters clearer.

An underlying habit that I will try to practice at all times is seeing without effort.  Whether I’m looking at the Snellen chart, using my imagination, or just looking at ordinary objects, it is my goal to use little to no effort as I do these things.  Although it seems counterintuitive to my previously myopic mind that using less effort will bring me more results, I know that effortless vision is the means and goal of perfect sight.

Lastly, I’m very happy to have a community of other vision improvement people to motivate me and share their ideas!  I hope everyone is having a good week with their eyesight. 🙂


One thought on “Plans for winter break

  1. FMR says:

    Keep it up, Mark. There will always be ups and downs; I had a few quick flashes of ~40/60 vision this morning through the reduced glasses while looking at a neighbor’s house through my window, but now, at night, my vision isn’t anything special. This experience tells me that I will one day eventually be able to see 20/30 consistently with these weak glasses in good light.

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