Deeper than central fixation

I’ve been so busy with school, my wedding, and starting off my marriage that I haven’t posted in about two months.  I haven’t been doing much  planned vision improvement practice, but I still feel that my vision has not significantly diminished.  However, I’ve practiced awareness of central fixation from time to time when my glasses were off.

I would focus on seeing the smallest area possible as Nancy is doing; this seemed beneficial for me also.  However, one thing I noticed is that I would become frustrated from not seeing the entire word or object clearly.  I know this is where shifting should come in, but I did not want to actively move my eyes.  I think that what is needed is just a deeper level of mental relaxation:  I’ve gotten to the level where I can see a small point fairly clearly, but I need to go to an even lower level of relaxation to allow my eyes to shift their gaze automatically.

Now that things have settled down a little bit, I’ll be working on attaining that deeper level of mental central fixation so that I’ll shift and see the entire object clearly (in my mind).  I need to practice this as often as possible so that it becomes a visual habit for me.


One thought on “Deeper than central fixation

  1. dreamersight says:

    Hi — thanks for mentioning me. This may not be what’s happening for you, but I’ve noticed anxiety when focusing on a point because I can’t see the periphery clearly. I think I’m afraid something is going to sneak up on me or I’ll be overwhelmed with something I can’t handle. What you said about a deeper level of relaxation being necessary fits (rather than going back to my old bad habit of trying to see the periphery and the center at the same time!), so I just breathe deeply and slowly, and keep my focus. I know some people who worked with Dr. Bates had an instant cure but for me it seems I need to just keep plugging along at it.

    Big congratulations on your wedding! The warmer weather lately is making me want to be outside, plus my partner lives here with me now, so I’m not blogging as much as I used to either. Do what you can — I always like to hear what’s going on with you. Take care.

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