Well, I’ve had some very bad things happen in my life in the past couple of months along with a few good things.  At this point in time, though, I’m mostly recovered and ready to move forward.  One of the good things is that I’ve started attending culinary school.  Before, I was planning to become a physical therapist, and I still completed a bachelor’s degree in that area of study in May.  However, when I thought about what I would really enjoy doing as a career for the rest of my life, I realized that I only liked the thought of being a physical therapist.  On the other hand, I loved the thought of being a chef since I enjoy learning about and cooking food so much.  After finishing the first block of my culinary arts degree last week, I definitely do not regret the career path change I made.

I can tell that my default visual acuity has declined slightly since I don’t see as well through my glasses as I did previously.  I’m sure this decrease was caused by a combination of prolonged stress and not consistently making time to work on my vision.  However, when I do practice good vision habits, my visual acuity is temporarily improved to as good or better than before all of the recent events in my life.  This is good as it shows my mind/eyes remember how to relax; I’m just not practicing this relaxed state throughout the day.

I’ve been wearing my glasses for the majority of the day for a while, and I would like to change that habit.  I also would like to do more activities outside, but the temperature is over 100 degrees F most days (the high today was 112 F).  One way to work around this would be to go on early morning hikes before it gets too hot; there are many hiking trails near my house.

So, I think I’ll have four goals for right now regarding vision improvement: go outside without glasses when possible, find more activities to do that don’t require glasses use, try to reduce the strength of glasses for the activities that I do use them for, and try to set aside a few minutes each day (or throughout the day) to practice good vision habits/activities.  I hope the other vision bloggers have been seeing improvements during my absence from my blog. 🙂


3 thoughts on “*sigh*

  1. dreamersight says:

    Hi — good to have your words again. I saw Peter Grunwald last week, who said making a commitment to a daily vision practice, then renewing that commitment as needed, will get you further, IF you’re coming from the higher intention center of your brain when you do this, not the ego/limbic/reptile brain which just wants to be first in the vision improvement race, or prove to some nay-saying family member that this DOES work, or feel “worthy” (whatever that means) because her eyesight acuity is better. I’m regularly envisioning myself seeing more clearly now, letting the light all the way in (feeling safe!) and seeing the depth in everything around me. Look at the progress you have made already, not the progress you haven’t made yet, and be easy on yourself. I’m coming to understand that this work is less about clear sight (focusing on that is only end-gaining) than about seeing yourself inside your brain seeing in a healthy way. It’s more like meditation than push-ups.

    • mark825 says:

      Thanks for the encouragement. 🙂 I think I mostly have the right mindset about my vision as very few people close to me know about it, and I knew from the start that changing my vision was a process that would involve my physical, mental, and emotional self. When I look around without my glasses and clear my vision some, I know that I am seeing clearer than before I started trying to improve my vision. I just need to be patient and consistent with good vision habits in order to improve my visual acuity further.

      About your point that vision improvement is more about mental change than physical effort, I have definitely seen a change in my thoughts and outlook on life since starting this journey. Much of those mental changes are based on my circumstances and events that took place in my life. But, some of it is because of (directly or indirectly) my vision improvement work. For example, I have a much more relaxed way of doing things now. In the past I would work hard to complete tasks as well as possible while ignoring my own physical and mental discomforts. Now, however, I still focus on quality, but I also am aware of how relaxed my body and mind is while I complete tasks.

      I didn’t think I had this much ^ to say, but I’m glad you had such helpful tips for me. 🙂

  2. sorrisi says:

    Hi Mark,

    It’s great that you’re back after all this time! I’m excited for you that you’re moving forward with a career choice that you are passionate about. good for you!

    one thing that helps me sometimes is to look back at my old posts. Maybe you could look back at some of your old posts? You will see what helped and inspired you before and I think you will bounce back to improving eyesight quite quickly!


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