Daily plan for June

I know that the main reason I don’t have clear vision right now is that I don’t practice Bates’ techniques and principles consistently.  I only wear reduced prescription glasses, and I do simple things like palming for a few minutes some days.  However, I don’t have a set plan that I follow each day.  So, I’ve decided that for the month of June I will at least use my Snellen chart each day to measure the condition of my eyes.  While this will at least get me doing something positive for my eyes every day, I also hope that using my eye chart and relaxation methods will become habitual for me.

Before I get to my chart numbers, I want to describe the lighting conditions in the room where I hang up the chart.  There is no window to bring in sunlight, so I only have artificial lighting.  One of my sources of light is a ceiling fan/light combo which uses three weak 40W light bulbs.  The bulbs are white, not clear, and are enclosed in a yellow/tan frosted glass hemisphere- overall the ceiling light is dim and isn’t easy to read with.  The other light source is a floor lamp which sits next to my chair and table that my computer is on.  The floor lamp has one 100W white bulb; I use this lamp whenever I’m reading something.  With my testing environment described, I’ll now go on to my quick chart practice today.

6/1 Notes: I palmed for about 5 minutes before I used the chart.  I did this around the middle of the day after I had returned home from school.  I was only using the weak ceiling light when I practiced with the chart today.  My readings reflect how far back I could see the letters on the 10 line and identify them with 100% confidence.

  • Left eye: 1/10
  • Right eye: 1/10
  • Both eyes: 1/10

The right eye and both eyes measurements might have been slightly further back than the left eye, but they were all pretty close.  While I’m not really too pleased with these measurements, my room wasn’t very bright and I haven’t used my Snellen in a long time.  Also, the measurements were done quickly.  I probably had all three in about two minutes.

For future practice sessions, I want to see how turning on my floor lamp will affect my readings; the room would obviously be brighter which should make it easier to read the chart.  Also, I want to practice for a longer time with the chart as opposed to just glancing at it.  Looking at the chart quickly will only tell me the condition of my vision.  If I take my time and use relaxation methods such as palming, flashing and swaying, I should have better measurements and will be teaching my eyes/mind how they can see more clearly.  I hope my daily practice will lead to permanent improvements in my visual acuity. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Daily plan for June

  1. dreamersight says:

    Mark, when I first started practicing with the chart about a year and a half ago, my progress started moving forward again. It helped me to have the chart close, a few feet at first, since my original prescription was so high, so you might consider playing with different distances — Sorrisi has written about this too. Also, if there’s any way you can do the chart outside (I know it’s really hot there now) that might be helpful too. Natural light is the best, and I was amazed at how much better my acuity was in the front yard than in the living room, even with a good lamp. Finally, and I think you know this, don’t get too hung up on the numbers. When I first started doing chart work I’d have a good day, then get really discouraged when my chart results weren’t as good the next day. You’re learning how to see details and noticing how you strain so you can let that go, not constantly testing your vision. Let us know how it goes.

    • mark825 says:

      Thanks for your reply Nancy. 🙂 I have practiced with my Snellen outside before and my vision was definitely clearer (I think I’ve had flashes of 20/40 outside). The way I plan on using my chart this month is standing within a few feet and using relaxation methods to make the letters I can read clearer. As the methods become more effective, I will gradually move back from the chart. I’m also definitely trying to use the chart as an indicator of central fixation rather than a measuring tool. I know that if I’m consistent with the chart my mind will change how it tells my eyes to focus and I’ll have clearer vision.

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