June 2

Notes: I used my chart in the middle of the day again.  I palmed for about 5-10 minutes beforehand, and I used both my ceiling light and floor lamp when practicing.

  • L: 1/10
  • R: 1/10 plus 1″
  • B: 1.5/10

I practiced for a longer time today and I could definitely see better in flashes.  The main method I used to improve my vision was flashing by just closing my eyes or with palming.  While palming relaxes me more on its own, closing my eyes without covering them is more effective when I’m using the flashing technique.  During the clearer moments, I was surprised (in a good way 🙂 ) at how clear and distinct the letters became.  I will definitely be using the flashing method again, and I look forward to having clearer and longer-lasting flashes.


One thought on “June 2

  1. dreamersight says:

    Mark, great — you’re on a roll! I’ve definitely noticed myself that the longer I do the chart, the better are the results I get. It’s like my visual system needs a bit of time to know I mean it, that I’m really going to use good habits and not just dabble at it. Keep it up.

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