Gradual progress

6/3 Notes: I palmed for a few minutes before.  My focus this time was on holding good posture through my back and neck.  I also used flashing and swaying.

  • L: 1.5/10 -1″
  • R: 1.5/10 -1″
  • B: 1.5/10

6/4 Notes: I did not palm beforehand.  I used the flashing technique.

  • L: 2/30
  • R: 2/30
  • B: 2/20

6/5 Notes: I palmed for a few minutes before, and I used the flashing technique.

  • L: 2/30
  • R: 2/20
  • B: 2/20

6/6 Notes: I palmed for 1 minute immediately before measuring my right eye.  I used flashing and relaxing as my means of reducing strain.

  • L: 1/10
  • R: 1/15
  • B: 1/7

I think I learned more about how palming affects my eyesight during these practices.  In the sessions where I palmed beforehand, I usually palmed for a few minutes in a location different than where my chart is hanging up.  I would then walk over to the chart and start my practice with only my left eye.  However, on 6/6 I checked my right eye first.  This seems significant to me since for all of my readings in June, my right eye saw the same or slightly better than my left eye.  However, on the last day my left eye saw better.

When I am flashing, relaxing, and checking the resulting acuity with one eye, I cover the other eye with one of my hands.  I am sort of doing one-handed palming while I’m using the other eye.  Based on my usual readings (L<R), I thought my right eye just had a slightly better visual acuity (which is further interesting as all the glasses I’ve been prescribed in the past that used different lenses had more correction for my right eye- indicating that the right eye was weaker 😕 ).  However, my latest reading showed my left eye to be better.  I am starting to think that my eyes have very similar acuities, but the one that is palmed longer (that I checked second) does better.

Also, I tried to be aware of how my eyes saw after palming.  They seemed to see things in a softer way, but there were brief clear flashes mixed in.  I think this is partly why I had better readings on 6/6; I palmed in front of the chart and used it immediately after opening my eyes.  The softer, clearer vision I have after palming doesn’t last too long though, and I think that it only lasts as long as I stay in the relaxed state I had during palming.  So, in the future I will do my palming directly in front of the chart so that I can use my eyes in a relaxed way once I open them.  With more practice and maybe palming for longer, I hope to extend the length of the relaxed, clearer state.


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