Continued improvements :)

6/7 Notes: I palmed then did the flashing technique one eye at a time.

  • L: 1/7
  • R: 1/7
  • B: 1/7

6/8 Notes: I palmed then did alternate flashing again.  I felt that if I had spent more time relaxing in front of the chart I might have been able to read the 4 line (the lowest line on my chart).

  • L: 1/7
  • R: 1/7
  • B: 1/7

6/9 Notes: I palmed and used alternate flashing.

  • L: 1/10
  • R: 1/7
  • B: 1/10

6/10 Notes: I did not use any relaxation techniques this time.  I just did a quick check with each and both eyes to see what my default visual acuity was at the time.

  • L: 1/15
  • R: 1/15
  • B: 1/10

6/11 Notes: I practiced a little longer with the chart this time.  I also used a new technique based on Bates principle of shifting.  I did not make a conscious effort to accurately shift my eyes up and down or side to side, however, as that has not been beneficial in the past for me.  What I did though was just quickly and subtly wiggle my eyes vertically or horizontally while looking at one letter on the chart.  I’m not sure how to explain the difference between this and the more effort-driven shifting I described, but the bottom line is it helped me to see the letter better.

  • L: 1/7
  • R: 1/7
  • B: 1/4

On my latest reading I saw 1/4 which is approximately 20/80.  This is very good news to me as this is the strength that my close distance glasses allow me to see.  Once I am able to see with 20/80 visual acuity most of the time, I will not need my close glasses anymore and will only really need distance glasses for driving.

My plans for the next few days are to keep using the relaxation methods of palming and alternate flashing as these are the most beneficial to my vision.  I will keep practicing at 1 foot from the chart until I can read the 4 line with little difficulty.  Then, I will move back to 2 feet and probably start practicing on the 10 line again.



2 thoughts on “Continued improvements :)

  1. Nancy says:

    Mark, congratulations. Persistence pays! Moving from mostly wearing glasses (of any strength) to mostly not wearing glasses was a subtle transition for me, but an important one, in retrospect. Keep up the good work.

    • mark825 says:

      Thanks Nancy 🙂

      I definitely look forward to when I will only need glasses for driving (and, of course, no glasses at all after that). Like you said, this will likely be a gradual transition. As I’m able to do more activities (comfortably) without glasses, I’ll move closer to the goal of not needing glasses at all.

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