Finishing off June and what I learned

6/28 Palm, flash, sway

  • L 1/7
  • R 1/7
  • B 1/7, I saw the “E” on the 4 line pretty clearly.

6/29 Palm, flash, sway

  • L 1/7
  • R 1/4
  • B 1/4


  • L 1/7
  • R 1/7
  • B 1/7

7/6 I noticed that I usually discern the letters better if I take my first impression of each one as opposed to looking at one letter for a length of time until it clears.

  • L 1/7
  • R 1/7
  • B 1/4

7/9 My vision seemed to naturally clear by the end of the session.

  • B 1/4

Well, I finished up the rest of June and then was busy with all of my 4th of July related events.  From this point forward, I plan on using the chart most days but won’t be upset if it’s not every day.  While it was good for discipline reasons to use the Snellen each day in June, there were days where I really had to force myself to use it.  I don’t feel that those days were too productive overall.  So, I will use the chart as much as possible, but I won’t force myself to use it.

I also noticed on the last two days recorded how my vision seems to clear up naturally.  For example, when I just looked at the letters on the chart quickly instead of analyzing exactly what they were to achieve 100% accuracy, I usually saw better.  Also, my vision seemed to clear up by the end of the session on it’s own, especially after I stopped trying to clear it.  These two observances mainly point out to me Bates’ main message for how to see clearly: see without effort.  While I may feel that moving my eyes around a letter instead of just looking at one part should be helpful, or that thinking hard about why a letter on the chart is an “E” instead of an “F” will create greater accuracy, my visual acuity really is the clearest when I’m not trying to clear it.  Furthermore, in the three or so times that I’ve had amazingly good clear flashes, I was not consciously doing anything to improve my vision at those times other than not wearing glasses.

I guess what I need to do whether I’m practicing with the chart or just doing things without my glasses is create a condition where my body and mind aren’t as likely to strain and then let my vision clear naturally through patience.  While I will still use Bates techniques such as palming and flashing, I will try to separate the muscular effort required for them from the mental effort that causes/results from my poor vision.  I feel that my vision journey will now focus on changing my mind’s actions in regard to seeing clearly and seeing in general.


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