Patience and small changes

Lately I haven’t been doing as much direct vision improvement work as I would like.  I only wear reduced prescription glasses, and I go without glasses for a few hours each day.  However, I know I could/should do more.  At this point, I wish I had a Bates teacher I could visit, but there aren’t really any in my area.  I know that some teachers do online or email teaching, so I might look more into that when money is more available.

For direct vision work, I have mainly just been relaxing in a chair and looking around in open focus for about 15 minutes at a time.  Sometimes I put up my Snellen chart when doing this, but often I just look around at objects in my room.  For some reason, the most interesting thing to try to see is the reflection of my floor lamp on the blank screen of my TV.  I can usually clear up the image of the lamp to a decent amount, but I haven’t seen it clear yet.

I also have downgraded the glasses I use.  I have about 5 pairs of glasses I’ve ordered from Zenni Optical of varying strengths.  Basically, I use one for far distance seeing/driving and one for close work.  Anyway, I feel comfortable enough now to move down both pairs.  The distance pair is -3.75 D and lets me about 20/40.  The close pair is -3.00 D and lets me see about 20/80.  While I would like to be able to do everything without glasses, I at least like that these glasses are much lower than my last prescription, which was -5.75 OD and -5.50 OS with astigmatism corrections.

Also related to glasses is that I might be getting a conventional eye exam some time soon.  I am in a transition phase right now with my health/vision insurance coverage.  Currently I am included in the plan with my parents as this is the least expensive route.  However, I am done with school, working full time, and wanting to move to my own place in less than a year.  Therefore, I will be switching either to my own health insurance or maybe to none in the next several months. My mother suggested/told me that I should get an eye exam sometime soon while I’m still on their plan; I haven’t gotten a professional eye exam in about 2 years.  Since I haven’t been successful in finding a better job with health insurance yet, there’s a good chance I’ll go get the eye exam within a few weeks.  I’m not really worried about the exam as I think my visual acuity readings should be at least the same and probably lower than last time.  However, I don’t like that a new pair of glasses (likely too strong) will be purchased as a result even though insurance will pay for some/all of it.  Oh well. 😐

As for my plans to reach further vision improvements: right now I will just try to wear my glasses less often (wearing the lowest prescription possible when I do)  and practice open focus with the chart most/all days for at least 15 minutes.  I hope all the other vision improvement bloggers have been doing well. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Patience and small changes

  1. dreamersight says:

    Hi — I’m glad you wrote, as I’ve been wondering how you’re doing and have missed your posts. It was a big shift for me when I started doing some things without glasses at all that I could see well enough for, like vacuuming the floor, and transitioned to having wearing glasses (however weak), as the exception rather than the rule.

    It will be interesting to hear what the eye doctor has to say, and of course even if he prescribes too-strong glasses, you don’ have to fill the presccription or wear them! Take care.

    • mark825 says:

      Thanks Nancy. Yeah, it’s different doing things without glasses, but I know many things can still be done without a high visual acuity.

      And that’s my plan for the eye doctor; I likely won’t wear the glasses he gives me. Maybe I’ll keep them in my car in case i need to find a street sign at night.

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