Outdoor activities

Thursday: 10/200 to 10/50 (swaying, relaxing)

Later Thursday: both eyes: 5/60; left eye: 5/60 and almost 5/50; right eye: 5/70 cleared to 5/60

Friday: 10/100 to 10/50 (swaying, imagining the color white)

On Thursday I skateboarded on my back patio for a while so that I could be outside.  It was 96 degrees (F), but there was a nice breeze which made if feel not too hot.  Thanks to muscle memory, I picked up some old tricks pretty quickly and only hurt one of my ankles a little bit.  It was fun and gave me something to do that didn’t involve the computer or television.  I also took separate measurements of my eyes using the Snellen chart so that I could see how they compare.  When my eyes are relaxed, they have about the same visual acuity.  But when I am not relaxed, my right eye sees slightly worse than my left eye.

Today I woke up early (so that it wouldn’t be as hot outside) and walked to a park that is a little over a half mile away from my house.  There I did my workout and then threw my boomerang for a little while.  I wasn’t able to catch the boomerang (although it came back and hit my foot once 🙂 ), but I still had fun playing with it.  I think that activity is especially good for my eyes because the boomerang moves in a circle horizontally, changes elevation, and changes its distance from me.  So in order to watch it I have to move my neck and eyes and focus on it for different distances.  I’m pretty confident that if I had done more activities like this than I played video games when I was younger, I would not have myopia now. 😐 Oh well, at least I’ll be able to improve my eyesight back to its clear state with my current knowledge. 🙂


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